Honeywell has made a strategic investment in RapidSOS and plans technology integrations in the area of public safety communications.

RapidSOS is an emergency response data platform used by more than 5200 emergency communications centers (ECCs) worldwide. The existing communications infrastructure between buildings, alarm monitoring stations, emergency centers and fire stations often use legacy, manual technology, which slows response times and affects the accuracy of transmitted information.

Through the strategic investment and technology integrations, the Honeywell Connected Life Safety System (CLSS) will link to the RapidSOS emergency response data platform to provide faster, more accurate communications with emergency centres.

When combined with Honeywell’s solutions, RapidSOS technology will securely transmit detailed data about an emergency, such as the type of hazard, severity, and location within the impacted building to emergency response organistions.

“Time matters in an emergency,” said Jurgen van Goethem, president of Commercial Fire and Security for Honeywell Building Technologies.

“If you add up the time that regulations allow for each step in the current emergency communications process, it takes 590 seconds — or nearly 10 minutes — from the time a fire is first detected to when first responders arrive at a building. We’re trying to improve communications processes to cut that time in half, potentially saving more lives.” #SEN #SENnews