Hot cloud provider, Wasabi Technologies, has partnered with Axis Communications to deliver near-instant cloud storage access for Axis Camera Station VMS.

Wasabi’s hot cloud storage on-demand allows users of ACS to more quickly video files for faster retrieval times without the fluctuating costs associated with Cloud storage solutions.

Wasabi is up to 80 per cent less expensive to store video recordings than traditional cloud providers, and there are no fees for egress or API requests. Organizations can configure their video content and related files to be immutable for a user-defined retention period.

“The safety and security landscape is experiencing a digital transformation like no other. With that evolution comes more operational and legal requirements that significantly impact costs,” says Heidi Urban of Axis Communications.

“By partnering with Wasabi, our customers can capitalize on the best-in-class technology Axis delivers with the added peace of mind that their video is fully secure and instantly accessible at a predictable price.”

Axis Camera Station allows users to build a scalable system that covers safety and security needs, while still being intuitive to manage, handle incidents, quickly find and export high-definition evidence, and oversee physical access. And with Wasabi the amount of footage that can be stored is not limited to the size of the on-premises recording database – users can now scale incrementally.

Wasabi is deployed in secure and redundant data centres certified for SOC 2 and ISO 27001 compliance. The service is designed to protect against ransomware, human error and other data loss events. #SEN #SENnews