Temperange WSE29 is a temperature alarm designed to protect food or valuable assets from damage caused by the high or low temperatures.

It can be equipped with 2 sensors, a local and a remote sensor, to constantly monitor the temperature in 2 separate environments. When the temperature reaches the pre-set safe temperature range by falling too low or rising too high, it will sound an alarm, and in the meantime send out a signal to other control panels.

Features of the sensor include voltage and current 9-15V DC with a 35mA standby current and 300mA maximum, accuracy of 1.8C, local operating temperature of 0-60C, 2 alarm relays including SPDT; relay 1-low temperature and relay 2-high temperature; and an audible alarm of 0-90dB/m adjustable.

The sensor has dimensions of 130 x 90 x 35mm, remote sensor operating temperature -40 – 60°C and remote sensor cable of 5m cable with a GPO mounting faceplate. The length of the cable can be extended up to 100m.

The sensor can operate standalone or with an alarm panel, has easy to set and adjust low and high temperature limits with separate alarm outputs and a 2-line LED display to show both local and remote temperature.

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