Honeywell Viper shock sensors (GL, GLX and GLX with door contacts) are perimeter sensors which can be installed near external entries and left activated, so they always detect intrusion attempts.

The range includes a calibration tool that allows for regular and repeated accurate sensitivity set up, the V Box, a heavy-duty enclosure for wall-mounted Viper detectors in high security areas, and a cleverly designed shock sensor with integral door contact facility.

The intruder will be detected as soon as they attempt entry and a flashing LED will light on the activated detector. The potential intruder can be alerted to their detection prior to gaining entry. Importantly, freedom of movement will not be hampered, as might be the case with internal PIR detection.

Features include:

* First to alarm option (Viper GLX only)
* Integral door contact (Viper GLX with contacts only)
* Non gravity dependent
* Remote reset
* White or brown option
* 10-year guarantee
* Dual sensitivity control, auto reset of relay contacts
* Switch selectable patented Double Knock
* Remote LED reset options
* Dual sensitivity control, auto reset of relay contacts
* Walk Test facility LED can be controlled remotely
* 5mA quiescent current draw
* Coverage: nominally 2.5m radius
* Sensitivity individually adjustable
* Dimensions 85 (high) x 25 x 23mm
* Temperature Range -10C to +50C
* Installation On any plane via 2 supplied fixing screws
* Dimensions 85mm x 25mm x 23mm. #SEN #SENnews