With a smart lock homeowners’ worries about losing keys or needing to hide a spare are long gone. In this feature we take a quick look at some of the best smart locks currently available.

The latest generation of smart devices are installed in the place of a traditional door lock. They are capable of being unlocked anywhere in the world via a smartphone. Some of the smart locks available enable you to share digital keys or automatically unlock a door as an owner approaches. Let’s have a look at some of the best smart locks to suit a variety of homes and budgets:

Best Budget Buy: Wyze Lock

The Wyze Lock is half the price of typical smart locks at just over $100, yet it comes with high – end features like auto-unlock. When you enable this function, the door will automatically unlock as you approach it and then automatically lock when you close it. When the house door is open, this smart device will give send a notification to say that it needs closing.

Unlike other smart locks, the Wyze Lock just replaces the deadbolt’s internal half. This makes it ideal for renters who already have a set of keys. A Microsoft study found that this low-cost smart device had two-factor authentication. This sought-after digital security feature stops 99.9 per cent of hackers.

Best Fingerprint Sensor: Lockly Secure Plus

A 3D fingerprint sensor, touchscreen keypad, and physical key lock are all included in the Lockly Secure Plus. This clever device will shuffle the numbers on the touchpad, making it hard to guess the lock codes just by glancing at finger smudges.

This smart lock stores up to 99 fingerprints, allowing all family members and guests to enter instantly. It’s also possible to disable the touchscreen entirely, preventing anyone from entering without a real key.
Unless you acquire the WiFi hub, this smart gadget does not connect with any smart home systems. With Alexa or Google Assistant, you can unlock your door.

Best Discreet: Level Bolt

The Level Bolt is the only smart lock currently available that doesn’t require a replacement of the existing deadbolt. This invisible smart lock works with and existing set of keys and fits inside most typical Australian doors.

You distribute digital keys with friends, family, house sitters, and even big groups. Also set the duration of each digital code. It also has auto-unlock and with the ability to set up Siri automated systems with an Apple HomeKit device.

Best With Amazon Key: Schlage Encode

The Schlage 622 Encode is ideal for use with Amazon Key. This function enables Amazon delivery drivers to leave packages inside your home while it rains.

The Schlage Encode provides more methods to unlock your door than a porch pirate. Using a smartphone, the illuminated keypad, or a real key. It comes with its own key, but it may be rekeyed to match the existing locks.

This device also contains an alert that sounds when someone tries to pick your lock. It also warns you when the batteries need replacing week in advance.

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