Aiphone IX Series PC Master Station Software can turn a workstation or a group of workstations, into a video intercom system.

IX-SOFT and IXW-MA-SOFT gives customers the option to choose between a portable, plug-and-play USB dongle to activate individual personal computers, or a multipurpose adaptor for 1 PC, 5 PCs, or 10 PCs.

The adaptor uses inputs to send task commands to specific PC stations, so it can positioned in a secure location, rather than at the door station.

The IX-SOFT and IXW-MA-SOFT offer the same features as all software options for IX Series master stations including:

* Efficient selection of stations through the visual interactive map
* Continual system status checks to operate as expected through Device Check and Line Supervision
* Easily recording video conversations
* Large viewing platform for computer screens
* Reclaiming valuable desk space by eliminating need for a physical master station. #SEN #SENnews