Australian Security Industry is providing relief to Tonga following the devastation of the recent volcanic eruption and tsunami that resulted in 3 deaths and destroyed hundreds of homes.

With the toxic volcanic ash and sulphur causing a risk of contamination to all water supply in Tonga, safe drinking water has become one of the most immediate needs of the community. The Tonga government has advised people to only drink bottled water to avoid ash, debris and sea contamination in other water sources, resulting in a drastic shortage of drinking water.

Reddawn Australia, a security and risk management solutions company based in Sydney, has offered use of its new warehouse to the TACC for the next month to organise its Save Tonga relief fund.

Simon Auston, the Chief Executive Officer of Reddawn Australia, reached out to other security companies to stand by the effort as an industry by donating a pallet of water to be sent over in relief.

BGI Personal Services, Reddawn Australia, I-protection, GVMI, Dalton Solutions, ISEC, ACES, SEAA, Unity, Kicks Entertainment, Elite Security & Protective Services, Core Group, Diamond Corporate Services, Murra-Ghan, Guuramali and Reddawn Venues have joined the effort by donating a pallet of water each (valued at $A620 per pallet), and are also covering the shipping costs of $800 to get the water to Tonga.

“Koniseti and the Tongan community have been part of the core fabric of the Security and Events industry over many years – they have always been there to assist, not just Reddawn, but the entire industry – now it’s time for us to give back to them,” Auston said. #SEN #SENnews