Ava Security, distributed locally by Sektor, has announced plans to release Ava Quad, the first cloud-native multi-sensor security camera on the market.

The launch of Ava Quad on the Ava Aware cloud platform, is expected in Q2, giving users easier access to security data and in-built video and audio analytics to improve response to incidents with machine learning algorithms that can identify critical events before they escalate, as well as offering the ability to store forensic details that customers might need to detect threats without the additional burden of storing large volumes of footage.

“Ava Quad marks another market-first for Ava Security, as we continue to add to our world-class portfolio of cloud-native cameras,” said Tormod Ree, CEO and co-founder of Ava Security.

“This cloud multi-sensor camera will round out our line-up of video monitoring tools, as we continue to lead the industry in the transition from on-premise to the cloud—delivering storage, cost, AI, and analytics benefits. The continued growth of our product portfolio bolsters our position as the most open security platform in the market.”

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