MOBOTIX MX-PROX-BOX is a radar wave-based intruder detector with a range of 15-35 metres and an angle of detection of 8 x 34 degrees when installed at optimal mounting height of 1-1.2 metres.

According to Mobotix, the MX-PROX-BOX is an ideal supplement to PIR sensors that only react to infrared radiation. MX-PROX-BOX allows detection of all kinds of movements, plus the option to filter out radial movements – for instance, only send approaching/distancing objects to the necessary MxMessage.

Pre-defined profiles of approaching/distancing/movements for optimal detection of human movements completely concealed installation behind wood, plastic or drywall is possible (with reduced detection range).

The unit features a camera connection and supply via MxBus, is IP66 rated against water and dust and IK7 against impact, has an operating temperature of -20 to 60C. MX-PROX-BOX can be mounted discreetly behind wood, plastic, glass or dry walls but not behind metal or metal reinforced walls, which attenuate the signal.

Power supply is 48V DC via MxBus and status LEDs include left LED showing operating status and right LED showing radar signal (leaving/approaching/movement), with LED intensity increasing with increasing strength of the reflected radar signal. Made of robust poly, the unit is 63mm high, 87mm wide, 31mm deep and weighs 73g.

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