BGW Technologies, distributor of DSC’s full range in Australia, has released the new DSC Power-G wireless Smoke & Heat Detector for PowerSeries NEO.

The new Power-G Wireless Smoke & Heat Detector (DSCPG4936) is a fully-supervised photoelectric detector that sends early warnings in the event of smoke or fire.

The detector alerts occupants of the room by activating an integrated 85dB alarm buzzer and flashing LED light when smoke or temperatures exceeding 57C are detected. Maintenance is also made easy, with audio and visual sensitivity degradation indicators notifying when cleaning or replacement of the detector are required.

The Power-G technology offers:

• Multichannel, frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) technology – to overcome frequency blocking and interference
• Adaptive transmission power – for battery life preservation
• High transmission ranges – for reliable communication
• TDMA synchronized communication technology – to prevent message collisions
• 2-way 128-bit AES encryption – for high-level protection against analysis tools and digital attacks.

For more information contact BGW Technologies #SEN #SENnews