Ava Security, distributed locally by Sektor, reports overall video revenue grew globally by over 300 per cent in 2021, while ARR grew 500 per cent.

On the innovation front, Ava introduced two new cloud cameras (the Ava Compact Dome and the Ava Bullet), launched Ava Cloud Storage, delivered a unified dashboard for hybrid deployments, and developed native integrations with IP Video’s Halo sensors and Disruptive Technologies’ environmental sensors. Ava also launched software-driven LPR, enabling the technology on both Ava and third-party cameras and not requiring separate dedicated LPR hardware.

“Cloud is what’s driving Ava’s growth, with a high percentage of new customers opting for pure cloud deployments,” said Ava Security’s Rick Hill.

“Customers value the embedded analytics, ease of use, and pace of innovation we are delivering – we work very hard to meet our customers where they are on their journey to the cloud.”

According to Ava, the number of cameras connected to Ava Aware Cloud continues to double every 3 months.

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