AOSEC will release the Ajax Systems’ Fibra wireless/wired hybrid alarm system this week and the company’s Aaron Obrist said the team was ‘super excited’ about the range.

According to Obrist, Fibra employs a mix of wired and radio frequency devices for superior connectivity when used with a smart device.

“Contrary to the wireless technology from the 80s still present in the security industry, Fibra is a digital-generation wired technology,” Obrist said.

“Fibra combines the reliability of wires with the freedom of radio connection, using an ordinary 4-core cable, coupled with Fibra wireless to deliver extraordinary features.

“These include up to 2000 metres of connectivity, compatibility with all types of devices, 60 hours of operation from a 30-device system running on a backup battery, advanced anti-sabotage, photo verifications, instant notifications, hassle-free installation and remote configuration through an app — everything that was possible in wireless Ajax is now available with wires and Fibra.” #SEN #SENnews