Safety and security are top considerations for SMBs (and home owners) and with many employees returning to shared offices and organizations welcoming customers and clients in person, updating security measures at the entry is a priority.

Video intercom systems installed at the entry and managed by staff at reception, or by the homeowner, make communication more personal and engaging. This way, you can see who you’re talking to, whether it’s a client, a colleague in another part of the office, or security personnel giving you crucial information.

Here are some of the top ways video intercoms systems boost security in business and home that security installers can share with their customers.

Easy Screening

Intercom systems for residential and business use make it easy to screen guests. Whether you speak to a visitor as they approach or with their face on the screen. In both cases, an intercom system ensures that only authorized individuals enter a home or business.


Intercom systems facilitate visitor screening and general communication. An intercom eliminates the need to meet and greet to allow someone access to a business or home. At a touch of a few buttons, they can be granted access and directed in the right direction. Something to note is that some video intercoms can also operate via app. This means you can greet people at your door from any internet connected location in the world.

Work With Existing Security Systems

Many intercoms readily interface with current security devices at home or work. There is no need to buy a new system to use an intercom.
You can offer a solution that complements and enhances the present system. Saving money and no need to replace the entire equipment.


An intercom system, especially when paired with other security measures, can dissuade burglars from breaking into a house or office. This is one of the top reasons intercoms are purchased.

Easily Send Announcements

An intercom enables businesses to swiftly and conveniently make announcements. It’s as simple as pressing a button and returning to work. In a large family home, this also works well to notify of dinner or departure.

Hold Brief Meetings

With an intercom, especially one with video capability, businesses can hold meetings quickly without having to wait for everyone to leave their desks or offices and go to the conference room.

Easily Monitoring of Kids

Intercoms are a terrific investment for parents who wish to keep an eye on their kids. They’re worth considering for parents who need to monitor their kids when they’re in another room or even when they’re out of the house. Depending on the intercom you buy, you can speak with your kids via video and voice even if you’re not right there with them.

Video intercom systems: Key Capabilities

Intercom systems provide reliable, scalable solutions when you need them. The master station, door station (interior and exterior), and emergency station are examples of applications. They can easily be integrated with numerous accessories and view live feeds live on an application.

* All-in-one solutions include 4 parts: video intercom, access control, CCTV, and intrusion system
* Access Control and Alarm Function
* Communication is Made Simple. Communicate easily between offices, contact security, and employees
* Easy to Install
* Easy to Manage
* Noise Suppression and Echo Cancellation
* Seamless Integration, connecting with SIP, VMS Systems, Access Control, and CCTV Cameras
* The technology of the highest quality
* Clear Audio-Visual Communication
* Easy to Maintain
* Easy to Expand. #SEN #SENnews