Morphowave technology from Idemia.

Idemia’s owner Advent is reported by Reuters to be considering selling the global biometrics and digital identity firm for $US4.6 Billion.

Idemia was formed by through the merger of the Morpho brand with Oberthur Technologies after Advent’s $US2.7 billion acquisition of the Safran business. Bpifrance also has a stake in Idemia.

While Advent is reported to have approached investment banks and may launch an auction later in 2022, Thales has reportedly expressed interest in acquiring assets from Idemia in a sale at a valuation of $3.4 billion to $4.6 billion. Thales is also partially controlled by the French state, and a 2018 report from the country’s government advised consolidating its cybersecurity industry.

One option for Idemia would be to separate its government business, which is valued at $3.4 billion, from its enterprise divisions. Both parts of the Idemia business provide biometrics, including border technology contracts and biometric payment cards. #SEN #SENnews