AT&T has closed its 3G wireless communications services on February 22, ignoring pleas from the alarm industry to delay the process.

The Monitoring Association (TMA) and the Alarm Industry Communications Committee (AICC) asked AT&T to push back its 3G sunset to December 31 – the Verizon will close 3G networks.

Millions of alarm and life-safety customers now have non-functioning alarm systems, medical alarms and emergency communications systems, with the issue especially challenging in regional areas, where long wavelength 3G offers huge reach that big-band, short wavelength 5G wireless never will.

According to AT&T, pushing back the date would impact negatively on equipment costs, logistics and contractual obligations with 5G agreements – including that in some locations 3G must be shut down so 5G can be activated.

The big telco has announced a temporary workaround in partnership with T-Mobile, but this demands input from overstretched security installers and will only last until July 1.

Australian telcos will close their 3G networks in 2024. #SEN #SENnews