When Melbourne’s Maribyrnong Aquatic Centre (MAC) undertook recent refurbishment, an optimised entrance control system was prioritised for greater traffic flow.

MAC needed a secure entrance control system that provided flow, and the Centaman EasyGate SG was selected for the task. Not only did it provide the reliability, security and functionality required by MAC, it’s stylish aesthetic was a perfect fit for the centre’s updated contemporary style.

“We installed 6 lanes total – 4 for the aquatic centre and 2 for the gym,” said Centaman’s Michael Bystram. “They wanted a user-friendly and modern entrance system – we were a natural fit.”

The gates are all fitted with WingLights, giving leisure centre visitors a visual cue as they approach – red to stop, green to go – with the stainless-steel pedestal matching the centre’s new modern look.

Integrated with the centre’s gym management software, the gates allow reception staff to easily grant access to new members as soon as they sign up, and to record and report easily on visitor numbers.

“The bi-directional gates open away from visitors in a more inviting motion and really help with entry efficiency, while the tailgater detection systems keep things nice and secure,” said Bystram.

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