Power Port 8PTC (PP8PTC) from Jack Fuse is a premium power distribution module for electronic access control systems that features self-healing fuses, a fire trip interface and auxiliary outputs.

The Jack Fuse Power Port 8PTC reduces install time for technicians and helps ensure security system reliability by replacing the normally complex wiring task of fire trips with a simple, easy to fault find, all in one solution featuring built in, self-healing fuses to further protect expensive installations.

Applications include fused power distribution for all security devices, fused over current protection, automated emergency fire trip door override, fire trip alarm monitoring, and fire trip interface to automatic doors and other devices.

Features include:

* 8 self-healing fused outputs with status LED
* Selectable outputs – fire power or standard power 12VDC
* 2 dry contact interface outputs
* Fire alarm monitoring output
* Dry contact
* 12 or 24VDC fire trip input (non-polarised)
* Unfused auxiliary output for expansion
* DIN rail mount.

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