Rave Mobile Safety has won an Atos contract to provide California’s Next Generation 911 (NG911) integrated public alert and warning platform.

In addition to providing critical emergency alert notifications to residents and first responders, Rave will also serve as the platform for initiating the state’s integrated public alert & warning system (IPAWS) communications.

The Rave system will consolidate and expand current capabilities into one state-wide solution for emergency communications needs covering earthquakes, wildfires, tsunamis, civil disturbances and major sporting events. Atos, the prime network service provider for the state’s NG911 infrastructure project, will manage the overall program.

Rave’s platform facilitates the sending of messages quickly and reliably in 3 clicks across multiple modes of communication simultaneously. Integrated with California’s NG911 system, it will enable agencies to ensure phone numbers and GIS data sets are synchronized. With the platform’s role-based access control capability, emergency managers can access neighbouring agencies’ systems for back-up and redundancy.

The system will enhanced through Rave’s partnership with RapidDeploy, which provides 911 dispatchers and supervisors integrated access to Rave Alert via its cloud-based RadiusPlus mapping system, which is deploying across the state.

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