Vesta’s security and home automation solution, distributed locally by FHD, arrived at SEN office the other day and our first impressions are very positive.

This is a complete system with much to recommend it. The hardware is excellent, and the management app and installer backend are right up there, too. There are only a handful of wireless-based alarm and automation solutions available in Australia that are really pro grade, and this Vesta system is definitely one of them.

Something I particularly appreciated was that Vesta makes loads of devices with cavernous lithium-ion battery bays. The spread of sensors is excellent – indoor and outdoor PIRs (some with cameras), reeds, a multi-sensor, a flood sensor, power monitoring at the meter, an I/O device, remote wireless keypad, and an external siren and strobe.

When it came to building SEN’s system, the process was very easy. Software populates itself with discovered devices for installers to name, the reporting and notifications for end users and installers are simple to setup, there’s strong support for professional monitoring governed by the installer and Vesta’s F1 wireless gives serious range – up to 2000 metres in suitable conditions.

Look out for the full review of the Vesta alarm and automation system on SEN website! #SEN #SENnews