Victorian Institute of Forensic Mental Health through Forensicare seeks electronic security systems maintenance for Thomas Embling Hospital.

Forensicare is responsible for the safe and secure running of Thomas Embling Hospital and seeks a partner which will consistently provide strong, experienced leadership and high-level people and communication skills, from the contractor business leaders to the leaders allocated to Forensicare, to support and develop Forensicare contracted security staff.

The security contractor will also consistently build and maintain a culture of safety for all, high-level customer service delivery, a ‘can-do’ attitude, well-developed people skills and a strong, empathic approach to security services.

The contractor will build leadership and culture into all aspects of the contract delivery. The contractor will provide leaders who will, at a minimum:

a. Have a clear understanding of the unique nature of the security provision, exemplifying the differences between Forensicare service delivery as opposed to static or custodial service delivery
b. Treat all contractor and Forensicare staff, patients and visitors with the utmost respect
c. Actively encourage feedback, innovation and continuous improvement
d. Be active in building and maintaining a safe, high performing culture that minimises staff turnover.

The contractor will also partner with Forensicare to engender a culture which will:

a. Be safety based
b. Include strong purpose and values
c. Drive great communication
d. Be committed to employee mental health and wellbeing
e. Create a positive and proactive work ethic
f. Provide adequate supervision, feedback and development opportunities for employee growth
g. Be a culture of preference for employees.

This tender closes on March 31 – you can find out more here. #SEN #SENnews #security #electronics