Telstra mobile disaster recovery exchange.

There were 250 Telstra mobile sites impacted by the recent flood disaster in Queensland and NSW, though the company reports that 90 per cent of its mobile base stations are now back online and delivering coverage.

The floods also impacted on mobile performance in metropolitan areas across all service providers, with 4G mobile support noticeably impacted in city areas and reduced to intermittent 3G-level text comms in remote areas.

Telstra said today had restored nearly 70 per cent of impacted landline services (excluding nbn), with 95 per cent of isolated communities now been reconnected.

However, Telstra said many areas remain inaccessible due to flood and road damage, or are without power, and tech needs to assess whether its network has been damaged outside areas it has already found significant damage, which the company said would take time to fix.

Latest stats indicate that 22 mobile sites affected (either partially or completely offline), down from 31 yesterday and of a peak of 250 mobile sites.

* Queensland – 9 sites affected, down from 10 yesterday
* In regional NSW 6 mobile sites affected, down from 9 yesterday
* Nth West Sydney/Hawkesbury – 7 sites affected, down from 12 yesterday
* 7476 fixed line phone/ADSL affected, down from 7925 yesterday
* The communities of Modanville and Uki isolated. #SEN #SENnews