Eagle Eye Networks had launched Eagle Eye’s cloud-based license plate recognition, which operates on any ONVIF security camera.

“We’re seeing increased demand for LPR/ANPR for security and business optimization. Eagle Eye LPR is designed to be easy to deploy and manage, and it does not require the purchase of special cameras,” says Dean Drako, CEO of Eagle Eye Networks.

“Our industry-leading AI not only provides high accuracy, the Eagle Eye Cloud LPR is continuously improved to support new license plates and increase accuracy.”

Powered by Eagle Eye Networks AI and analytics, Eagle Eye LPR works with the Eagle Eye Networks Vehicle Surveillance Package (VSP) to enable monitoring of vehicles across multiple locations via the cloud.

Eagle Eye LPR Features:

* Camera Agnostic: Works securely with nearly any IP or other camera
* Affordable: Does not require specialty cameras, onsite hardware or onsite maintenance
* High Accuracy: Eagle Eye’s AI is said to provide industry-leading accuracy even for non-standard license plates and in challenging light
* Flexibility: Open API for integrations with other technology partners
* Scalability: Manage and add locations, cameras, features with the click of a button
* Continuous Delivery: AI LPR is continually improved to support newer license plates, and all Eagle Eye development innovations are instantly delivered to customers via the Cloud
* Broad Geographic LPR/ANPR Support: North America, Mexico, EU, UK, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia.

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