Hanwha Techwin’s XNV-6123R and XNO-6123R detect objects using AI detection supported by a powerful 12x optical zoom, improving image quality.

Hanwha Techwin’s vandal dome, XNV-6123R and bullet camera XNO-6123R, are a follow-up series of Hanwha’s new X AI cameras. Both products can detect and classify people, vehicles, faces and license plates and more in real time, greatly enhancing the accuracy of video analytics.

While conventional cameras detect motion based on pixels and generate events, AI algorithms can discern a person as distinct objects separate from their surroundings, such as waving trees, shadows, or animals, improving operator efficiency.

Both feature a 12x optical zoom with 2MP resolution, allowing users to zoom in and monitor areas of interest in real time. Thanks to H.265 compression technology, bandwidth can be reduced by up to 80 per cent.

The cameras feature Hanwha’s new WiseStreamIII video compression technology, which operates based on object detection accomplished by AI algorithms.

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