Hills hosted a launch event at Pullman Sydney Olympic Park earlier this week to show security installers the value that Dahua brings to the table when integrated with Milestone VMS.

“When it comes to surveillance, analytics and software are more important than ever,” said Hills’ Ardel Moore.

“All sites require a tailored security solution where the end-user can comb through vast volumes of footage and data as simply as possible. Plus, a trustworthy and manageable surveillance system is crucial to keep up with the growing security complexities involving huge flows of people and vehicles.”

According to Ardel, Dahua offers leading-edge advanced analytic AI cameras, and Milestone provide feature-rich video management software that can be scaled for many different purposes.

“Together, they weld a solution that provides customers with the ability to take advantage of the analytics market, while managing a vast range of modern-day surveillance demands,” Moore said.

Advanced functions can be utilised on Dahua’s behalf include Metadata (which James Layton from Hills summarised it as ‘data about data’), people counting, facial recognition, and ANPR plugin.

Milestone XProtect’s open platform works seamlessly with Dahua’s deep-learning algorithms, making it easy for users to leverage Dahua’s portfolio of integrated AI capabilities and add additional value to their systems – affirming Dahua’s match with Milestone.

Full details of the integration can be found here.

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