Alula, distributed locally by SFERE Group, has announced 2 new service enhancements — Alarm Verification Services and Alula Messenger — which enable system owners to create a community for real-time response to system alerts and alarms.

Maintained by the system owner, the notification and response community may include family members and neighbours. Community members may act on alerts and alarms resulting from detected intrusion events and day-to-day activities based on video clips from integrated cameras.

The user’s response team receives real-time notifications and communicates with other members through the Alula Smart Security App.

According to Alula’s Warren Hill, the service enhancements create a home monitoring and control platform capable of checking on events that might include:

* Inadvertent alarm activations
* Temperature or water leak alerts from inside the home
* Ensuring children arrive home safely from school
* Safety checks on elderly adults living independently.

“Both Alarm Verification Services and Alula Messenger enable system owners to create an established support community,” Hill said.

“These new tools enable community members to quickly investigate, collaborate and communicate with each other and their monitoring centre.”

The new service enhancements are said to reduce false alarms and the related penalties imposed by certain jurisdictions by verifying actual alarms. System users create and maintain their lists, which can increase the chances of them remaining up to date.

“These service enhancements were designed to help dealers reduce account attrition by providing an alarm system that’s more relevant and integral to a customer’s everyday life,” said Hill. #SEN #SENnews