Hikvision recently released its upgraded HeatPro thermal cameras range, which the team said delivers better visuals, higher alarm accuracy, and extended detection distances.

The new HeatPro cameras feature deep-learning video analytics in all weather and light conditions and deliver strong perimeter detection because they sense an object’s heat radiation, capturing images 24/7, regardless of environmental factors such as darkness, low light, strong backlight, etc.

HeatPro cameras accurately identify humans and vehicles even when they overlap or when they are in challenging environments. The focus on critical targets greatly increases alarm accuracy. They are also excellent at temperature and area fire detection.

Thermal cameras’ visualized temperature measurement helps double-check for problems and improves efficiency – the cameras monitor temperature changes and trigger pre-alarms before a fire occurs to prevent damage. HeatPro cameras support flexible rule settings and alarms of high temperature, low temperature, and temperature difference.

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