Best Access Comms Technology

– Something installers, integrators and end users need to think about reader communications – given the importance of internal system communications, it’s vital to select a solution that offers higher performance and high security.

The best access comms technology control readers are multi-technology, offer secure communications technologies, including encryption, and are as open as it’s possible for them to be, without introducing vulnerabilities.

According to Gallagher’s Steve Bell, the minimum standard for card reader communications in the 2020’s is a bidirectional communications protocol that includes some form of authentication and/or encryption.

“Wiegand protocol readers like 125Khz cards represent zero security and should have been removed from all sites 10-20 years ago,” Bell said. “It’s sad that vendors like us still need to provide some support for these unsecure technologies.”

Best Access Comms Technology

According to Bell, the minimum communications protocol for card readers should be the open standard OSDP protocol, which he says achieves the minimum standard when the encryption is properly implemented and managed by the system.

“At Gallagher, we are designing our hardware and communications protocols to meet the needs of the highest security customers,” Bell says. “Before OSDP was widely adopted, Gallagher set about designing a reader communications protocol we call HBUS.

“This solution achieves the highest levels of authentication and performance with very fast communications, where the use of public key credentials can still deliver a frictionless experience for the user.”

Over at access reader specialist Nedap Benjamin Cho agrees.

“As more leading security brands support OSDP, this will become the common way for reader communications,” Cho said. “Wiegand is not as secure, and also its single-direction communication does not allow for efficient management of the readers.” #SEN #SENnews #security #electronics