PIRS For SME Alarms

Are PIRs all that is required to protect domestic and SME applications?

A: We think the best security sensor is one that’s reliable in the target area (no false alarms), will detect intrusion, is affordable, provides a worthwhile profit margin and is easy to install.

In an enclosed space where temperature stays under 30 degrees and sensors can installed facing away from windows and at right angles to movement, it’s always going to be hard to beat a quality PIR, especially if performance and price are the central guidelines. When we say well-designed, we mean a well-designed board and a quality pyro, not the ability to blend into the décor.

As the environment gets hotter, noisier (pets, heating systems, windows) and larger, you’ll need to start considering features like mirror lenses, curtain lenses, DSP options and dual technology capabilities that incorporate microwave.

In SEN‘s opinion, using PIRS for SME alarms is enough. There’s plenty of junk passing for security sensors, however, and given alarm sensors are a life safety device we think buying them is a mistake if you’re a professional security installer. We’d stick with quality brands that offer a good warranty and local support.

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