Permaconn RAPIDlink Routers

♦ Permaconn RAPIDlink routers deliver high availability 4G LTE dual-SIM fail-over, providing the ability to automatically switch telco networks, at no additional cost.

Other features include flexible data pooling, which lets users consolidate costs by pooling data services that are easily managed using RapidLink Cloud Portal.

An end-user mobile app for iOS and Android allows an installer to set up and configure the inputs and outputs for a customer, then hand over control to the end-user to monitor and/or control their own systems.

There’s also a 1-stop managed service with 1 tech support line, 1 account, and 1 portal to manage all aspects, including network configuration (VPN, DDNS), hardware settings, users, data management, and billing services.

24/7 Remote Management. 24/7 secure remote access to devices in the ?eld regardless of how you choose to con?gure the public-facing ?rewall of the router

RAPIDlink routers use high-speed 4G LTE networks and the latest chipsets to support higher bandwidth applications such as CCTV, and there are 6 general-purpose inputs and outputs, used to sense and control external systems.

A common use-case is door control – the input connected to a reed switch will tell you if a door is open or closed, and using the output can be used to trigger an electric door strike.

Another application is farm automation. An input connected to a float switch will indicate the level of water in a water tank, and the output can be used to run a pump to move water from the dam up to the tank.

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