Vigilate Wireless Smart Alarm System

♦ VIGILATE wireless smart alarm system from LSC is a compact smart security system for houses and apartments that supports LAN, Wi-Fi and 4G.

The system features fast Bluetooth pairing technology, ready to arm (door/window sensor status before arm), smart following and timed tasks, with notifications via push and SMS.

The VIGILATE system also supports smart devices like IP cameras and smart bulbs. Users can freely control the system, watch live video, or set lamps to come on when someone comes home, using the VIGILATE control app.

The system is powered by an ARM Cortex-A7 CPU, features DC power and lithium polymer backup with an 8-hour run time. Comms include an RJ45 10/100M Ethernet interface, Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz (802.11b/g/n) and GSM/4G LTE.

System communications are handled using supervised 433.92MHz which gives a range of up to 1000 metres in good conditions, while there quick pairing with pre-paired, QR code pairing and BT pairing options.

Built in robust poly, the system features anti-tamper protection, low battery warning and an operating temperature range of -10 to 50C.

The VIGILATE Kit from LSC includes:

* 1 x Main Panel with battery backup
* 1 x Motion Sensor
* 2 x Remote Controller
* 2 x Door/Window Sensor
* 1 x Power Supply
* 1 x Manual
* Unlimited devices and users. #SEN #SENnews