Install fibre for the long haul, not for the lifespan of the field hardware it supports, and it will offer decades of perfect operation.

Be aware that while a quality fibre optic installation will have a ‘perfect’ connection between the 2 ends of connected fibres, these fibres are simply butted up against each other in the ferrules, they are not bonded to each other with connections wrapped in a protective jacket.

Dirty industrial and external environments, especially if they’re moist, can challenge fibre connections, with moisture seeping onto fibre tips where it collects metallic dust, moisture, soot solids and the residual compounds of industrial processes. Over time this growing slurry will attenuate light signals and impact on performance.

You’ve got a couple of choices – the first is to keep cleaning fibre tips when you notice performance is falling. The second option is to replace your connectors with IP-67 rated units wherever possible. There are several advantages. One is that signal loss will drop to just 0.20 dB from a typical multimode fibre loss of greater than 1dB with SMA connectors.

But the big advantage is that LC ODVA compliant IP-67 rated connectors resist moisture, humidity, dust, industrial gases and anything else an installation might throw at them over the decades-long lifespan of fibre optic links. #SEN #SENnews #security #electronics