Halo Sensor Arrives At Bluechip

♦ Halo Sensor Arrives At Bluechip Infotech, according to BDM, Hans Li.

HALO 2.0 has 12 sensors to perform multiple detections and can distinguish between a person vaping and a person vaping with a substance laced with THC. Some of the things HALO can detect include:

* Particulate matter
* Humidity that produces mold and other Fungi
* VOCs
* Trichloroethylene
* Xylene
* Ammonia
* Carbon Monoxide
* Carbon Dioxide
* Vape
* Smoke
* Light
* Vibration
* Pressure
* Temperature
* Sound Abnormalities.

The impressively capable Halo 2.0 IoT smart sensor incorporates indoor health index, motion detection, vape detection, aggression detection, THC detection, people counting and more.

There’s also gunshot detection, noise alerts, and emergency key word alerting, and users can view real-time building safety and health awareness with the all-in-one HALO Smart Sensor 2.0 with HALO Cloud Application.

HALO app provides both a real-time air quality and health index and sends alerts when either index falls into danger zones. It also provides critical automated reports that allow building owners and administrators to demonstrate they are providing a healthy indoor environment and/or validate that facility improvements are needed.

HALO 2.0 comes with the option for customized calibrated industrial sensors and there are options for ozone, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen dioxide, etc.

HALO 2.0 is a surface-mounted device allowing for a quick and easy installation in any location. A new port allows for 2 devices to connect on the same cable run to cut down on cabling installation costs.

“Please reach out if you would like a real-time demo or have any questions about this hot Halo product from Bluechip,” Li said.

Contact 1300 72 74 74 for more information.

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