SecTech Organisers Put Camera Shootout On Ice

♦ SecTech organisers put camera shootout on ice after assessing the complexity of the IVA-based shootout planned for 2022.

“We’ve made the decision to postpone SecTech Camera shootout this year so we can reinvent it for 2023,” said SecTech Roadshow’s John Adams. “We had already spoken with a number of camera manufacturers about an IVA-based comparison, but the proprietary nature of each brand’s IVA, as well as the different operational focus of each IVA suite, demands very careful planning.

“While some manufacturers are eager for a by-camera demonstration that brings in pre-recorded footage, organisers are keen to compare catch performance with subject and object detection, direction of movement, line crossing, counting, etc, in more or less the same way we’ve compared low light performance in the past.

“Obviously, getting this right is going to take planning and cooperation from manufacturers in order to come to a general agreement on 3-4 parameters on which the group is prepared undertake live testing with the cameras stressed by low light and bright light during the process.”

Adams said organisers would talk to visitors at SecTech 2022 to get a sense of what they are interested in seeing from IVA solutions in 2023.

“Given this is our first roadshow in 3 years and there are more exhibitors than ever before, we think visitors will appreciate the extra face time with the latest electronic security solutions this year, but the camera shootout will be back with a vengeance in 2023.”

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