Wilson Announces Partnership With Gallagher

♦ Wilson Announces Partnership With Gallagher – one of Australia’s leading integrated security providers, Wilson Security, has signed a national channel partnership with Gallagher, allowing the team to deliver even more robust security solutions and services to more organisations than ever before.

Chief executive officer of Wilson Security, Nick Frangoulis, said the team is delighted to enter a long-term collaborative agreement with Gallagher.

“This strategic partnership is an exciting step forward for us as we continue to evolve our technology offering and solidify our position as a market leader of integrated security solutions within Australia and New Zealand,” said Frangoulis.

“The partnership brings a strong alignment for our customer base and adds a new product suite to our technology portfolio. We look forward to working with the Gallagher team to create innovative, integrated solutions that protect the future of our clients and communities.”

Craig Schutte, Gallagher’s Vice President for Asia Pacific and IMEA (India, Middle East, and Africa), said Wilson Security’s “unique reach across Australia brings mutual benefits to both Gallagher and customers”.

“While Wilson Security is widely known for workforce services, its strong focus on corporate risk and expansion of their electronic security business aligns perfectly with our growth initiatives at Gallagher,” Schutte said.

“We are looking forward to working together to support more sites across Australia with tailored security solutions that address the challenges customers are facing today.”

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