Bayside Council Smart CCTV

♦ Bayside Council Smart CCTV project is seeking submissions for the procurement and installation of CCTV smart cameras across Bayside LGA.

The deployment will include a comprehensive audit of council’s existing CCTV asset, networks and wireless infrastructure. A report will be submitted to outline the areas that requires upgrading to ensure the network is future ready and capable of supporting license plate recognition (LPR) and machine learning.

The deployment will include new installations on Ausgrid infrastructure which will require the Tender to prepare an installation design submission for approval by Ausgrid, collaborate with third party contractors to ensure works carried out comply with Ausgrid standards.

The successful tender will be responsible for the development of LPR technology on CCTV cameras capable of enforcing different parking restrictions in the Bayside LGA. The LPR technology will be capable of detecting timed and non-timed parking offences, record the event, capture photographic evidence, and generate email notification. LPR technology will be deployed to cameras locations chosen by Council.

The tender will be required to develop object recognition technology to be deployed to cameras chosen by council. Object recognition technology will be able to detect objects such as people, bikes, motorcycles and watercraft vehicles. Data from object recognition will be made accessible to council for reporting purposes.

The tender will collaborate with council’s current enforcement platform contractor to develop an API to integrate data from offences to council’s infringement management platform PinForce.

A more detailed brief of the extent of services required by Council is set out in Volume 3 the specification of this tender document – you can find out more here.

The Bayside Council smart CCTV tender closes May 25. #SEN #SENnews #security #electronics