Salto Installed At Sarah

♦ Salto Installed At Sarah – a new 3-level boutique accommodation in Sydney’s Darlinghurst comprising 8 rooms, a café, winebar and rooftop has installed SALTO AElement.

According to SALTO Systems Oceania’s Paul Woodgate, AElement is the perfect complement to Sarah Hotel’s décor.

“This fantastic boutique hotel has bespoke finishes and pays close attention to detail, which when combined with the SALTO AElement, results in a clean door appearance,” Woodgate said.

Ælement features a minimalistic RFID reader that looks stylish and discreet, as well as offering the choice of a wide range of designer lever handles and finishes.

The reader body made using double layered injection construction, there’s a clear dual colour LED light (green/red) to indicate lock authorisation and a mechanical privacy option by a mechanical thumb-turn. The user can activate the ‘do not disturb’ function just by operating this thumb-turn.

There’s also a special blink and beep indication when lock is in privacy mode, the ability to enable/disable the acoustic signal and the reader is available with a mechanical cylinder key override or access lock outs (override mortise cylinders). #SEN #SENnews #security #electronics