Hills Bringing Axis LPR To SecTech

♦ Hills Bringing Axis LPR To SecTech – look out for the AXIS Q1700-LE licence plate camera and C1004-E network cabinet speaker on the Hills stand in your SecTech city – pre-register here!

The AXIS Q1700-LE LPR camera is available in black or grey and is the first dedicated license plate camera from Axis Communications that delivers capture sharp images 24/7. Its license plate recognition of slow-speed traffic and vehicle access control keeps track of visitors in areas such as carparks, city centres and gated communities.

The camera’s edge-based analytics allows for smart license plate readings at speeds of up to 130 km/h and captures a maximum range of 100m. This Axis solution also offers an open platform for flexible integration with third-party analytics to be utilised.

According to Hills, AXIS Q1700-LE is ideal for road and urban security, vehicle loitering such as suspicious movement, tracking cars or goods and law enforcement purposes like gathering forensic evidence or searching for stolen vehicles.

Meanwhile, AXIS C1004-E Network Cabinet Speaker is built to make audio announcements smart and easy and can proactively warn off intruders or provide instructions with voice messages. Available in black or white, the AXIS C1004-E can be mounted horizontally or vertically with the possibility to install it on the exterior of buildings – including instances under the eaves, where it’s not directly exposed to the elements. The solution is also particularly ideal for installations in schools, offices, stores, and hospitals.

You can find these durable solutions from Axis Communications showcased by Hills at the SecTech Roadshow starting in May at Perth. More details of the event and attendance is available here.

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