Long Range Alarm Sensor Options

♦ Long range alarm sensor options are well worth consideration for installers trying to avoid the expense of long-distance cabling.

For installers who need to protect outbuildings on rural or larger sites, long range sensors are a tempting solution. Long range wireless means no cabling and gives significant flexibility when it comes to sensor location.

Depending on whether the application demands internal or external protection, there are a number of long-range sensor options from quality manufacturers with good local support.

According to Stanley El Komala of BGW Technologies, the team’s DSC product is ideal when it comes to monitoring remote sheds or out buildings.

“DSC’s wireless technology can handle 2000 metres line of sight, not only for internal sensor, there are external sensor types, too,” El Komala says.

“The DSCPG4312 is perfect for both residential and high-volume commercial use. This robust device is designed to protect outdoor entries and exits, including perimeter gates, pool and garden enclosures, shed doors, windows and more.”

According to El Komala, DSC’s DSCPG4312 delivers multichannel, frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) technology, adaptive transmission power, high transmission ranges, TDMA synchronized communication technology and 2-way 128-bit AES encryption, making it’s communications robust and highly secure.

According to Tim Prag, Ukrainian manufacturer AJAX manufactures a range of high performance sensors offering long range RF communications, that are distributed locally by NAS Australia.

“AJAX offers 3 options of external detection, the MotionProtect Outdoor, MotionCam Outdoor and DualCurtain Outdoor,” Prag says. “All these devices have anti mask capabilities and whilst working on the 915Mhz Jeweller frequency can offer a penetrative range of up to 1700m.

“Even with this fantastic range, you can still add the REX or REX 2, which will offer up to an additional 1800m. The cool thing about the REX 2 is that it will come with an ethernet port. This means you can go even further in range by adding it to a point-to-point network bridge.”

Tim Prag, NAS Australia. 

“As long as this is linked to the same network as the AJAX Hub, this can either be used as a back up to AJAX ‘Jeweller’ wireless frequency, or the primary connection path – there is really no limits with AJAX – in my opinion, it will outperform all competitors in long range wireless applications.”

When it comes to setting up long range wireless alarm sensors, all the typical rules apply, says Jeff Corr, of Hills, which distributes a range of quality alarm sensors from respected manufacturers like Guardall, Optex and Aritech.

“Installers need to bear in mind that RF propagation and wireless signals are always at the mercy of the environment in which they are installed,” Corr explains.

“Techs should always be conducting a wireless survey with their equipment before committing to such installations. In my experience, the salespeople at installation companies generally don’t have survey equipment or take the time to check the performance in their proposed locations.”

LSC’s Scott McLean agrees quality wireless solutions are more than capable of handling remote applications on larger sites. RISCO has a number of highly respected external wired or wireless sensors, including the IP65-rated RISCO WatchOUT with twin PIR sensors and a 12m, 90-degree coverage, and these and other sensors will shortly be enhanced by new functionality.

“RISCO LightSYS Plus will soon support the RISCO 2-way wireless repeater which will allow for extended wireless coverage,” McLean says.

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