AXIS Network Door Station

♦ AXIS network door station combines a 6MP security camera with high-quality, 2-way audio communication and remote entry control – see it at SecTech on the VSP stand.

AXIS A8207-VE Mk II also has an integrated RFID multi-frequency reader with support for most standard credential types, including HID iClass, allowing installers to integrate the unit with other access control systems.

By providing both surveillance and access for visitors and employees, AXIS A8207-VE Mk II increases the efficiency while keeping down the number of devices at the door. Interaction is intuitive and accessible, with an induction loop for hearing aids. Analytics, such as motion or sound detection, are also supported.

Features include:

* 6MP wide-angle camera
* Multiple hardware interfaces: audio input/output, relays, HDMI output, RS485
* Easy integration with SIP, VAPIX, and ONVIF
* Signed firmware with Secure Boot
* Support for HID iClass.

“Don’t miss Axis end-to-end solutions on display at the VSP Security Wholesale stand at SecTech Roadshow this may – pre-register here – we look forward to supporting your security needs,” said VSP’s Zaki Wazir. #SEN #SENnews #security #electronics