EOS MQ-8 Series LiDAR

EOS MQ-8 series LiDAR sensor offers high accuracy, fine resolution, long measurement range and a wide field of view to solve real-world security challenges and initiate actions based on real-time scenario analysis powered by QORTEX smart perception software.

The MQ-8 Series is the next generation of Quanergy’s 3D LiDAR flow management sensors, and meets the challenges of flow management applications that require accurate, high-volume people and vehicle tracking in the security, smart city, social distancing, and smart spaces industries.

The MQ-8/QORTEX DTC Solution is an integrated hardware and software platform that combines Quanergy’s MQ-8 LiDAR sensor with QORTEX DTC (detect, track, classify) perception software for reliable, real-time people and vehicle tracking. The solution uses 3D perception algorithms to scan the sensor’s field of view, analyze point cloud data, and provide anonymized information on detected objects. This enables automated flow management that is both cost-effective and easy to operate.

The MQ-8 Series LiDAR sensor features a smart beam structure of narrowly spaced, asymmetric beams that delivers up to 70m continuous tracking range (140m diameter), enabling up to 15,000m2 coverage with a single sensor. The smart beams also provide a higher classification accuracy compared to traditional LiDAR systems. In addition, the beam pattern provides 360-degree scanning with flat mounting to maximize coverage and reduce installation time and costs.

The solution allows users to:

* Identify and classify objects as people and vehicles
* Track individual people and vehicles and provide real-time, centimetre-level location information
* Configure rules to trigger point cloud recordings, network actions and/or automatically control PTZ tracking.

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