Everbridge Emergency Management At SecTech!

♦ Everbridge Emergency Management At SecTech – don’t miss it in Adelaide tomorrow, Sydney this Thursday (pre-register here)!

Everbridge uses a common enterprise-wide platform to aggregate risk data, locate people and assets under threat, initiate action and manage incidents, and analyze after-action performance, in a low-noise environment.

The system sits on top of other solutions and delivers pinpoint situational awareness, including a common operating picture with powerful visualization and orchestration; instant knowledge of where your people are, based on their static, last known, and expected locations; mass notification before, during and after critical events; and public warning during critical events.

Everbridge allows fast healthcare team response with cross-team staff coordination and communications; orchestration of crisis response activities, teams and resources, with real-time visibility; a control centre for integration and management of physical assets, digital wayfinding to create safer building environments through precise navigation, quickly and efficiently guiding people to their destination and a risk centre that delivers actionable information that helps reduce risk wherever your people live, work or travel.

Other great features include SnapComms for high-impact multi-channel integrated internal communications to reach and engage employees, emergency services connect, automation of weather and threat alerts, Jarviss for threat identification, context and asset identification, resident connection, IT alerting.

Everbridge is a profoundly capable solution you have to see to fully comprehend – don’t miss it tomorrow at SecTech Adelaide, Sydney this Thursday! Pre-register here and we’ll see you there!

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