Bosch Long Range Tritech Detector

♦ Bosch Long Range Tritech Detector – Bosch BOS-DS720I Long Range Tritech Detector offers monster detection zone options including 27m x 21 metre wide or 91 x 4.6 metres long.

This a capable sensing solution designed for rugged applications, combining quad PIR with field changeable mirror optics, a microwave movement detector and a maximum mounting height of 3 metres.

There’s anti-masking with spray detect, alarm memory, motion monitor, microwave pattern recognition circuitry, PIR motion analyser signal processing and supervision of microwave and PIR detection systems.

The walk test LED is visible throughout the coverage pattern (reducing installation time). The LED flashes to indicate a trouble condition. Internal noise voltage test pins use standard analogue meter to provide precise pattern location and background disturbance evaluation. Separate test LEDs for PIR and microwave activation. Alarm LED can be controlled remotely.

Anti-masking with spray detect is selectable to provide a microwave supervision trouble signal if microwave reflective material (metal, wood, plastics) is placed within 30.5 cm (1 ft) of the detector. IR Anti-masking feature detects objects placed to cover the detector or sprayed on the lens area. Anti-mask sensitivity is selectable, and Anti-mask activation can be delayed to reduce false alarms.

There’s also switch-selectable 4 or 30-day Motion Monitor supervision timers provide the detector with the ability to verify that there is a clear view of the target area.

The unit has dimensions of 20.8 cm x 19.5 cm x 13 cm and is made of high impact ABS plastic with a steel grid over an optics area that houses a removable circuit board and minor holder assembly. Operating temperature is -29 to 49C, there’s RFI immunity in the range from 26 MHz to 950 MHz at 50 V/m.

Alarm output is a Form C reed relay rated at 3W and 125mA at 28V DC for resistive loads and protected by a 4.7 Ω, 0.5 W resistor in the common C leg. There’s also a normally-closed tamper switch. Trouble is a normally-closed dry contact rated at 28V DC and 125mA maximum. Power draw is 32mA nominal at 12V DC; up to 60 mA during walk test, stored alarm, or trouble conditions, with an operating range of 9-15V.

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