Ajax MultiTransmitter Supports 3EOL

♦ Ajax MultiTransmitter Supports 3EOL – Ajax MultiTransmitter is a module for integrating third-party wired detectors to the Ajax security system.

The updated version now supports 2EOL and 3EOL connections, more alarm types, and an extended EOL resistance value range. There’s now support for NC, NO, EOL, 2EOL, and 3EOL, allow connecting any wired detector with dry contacts.

This upgrade supports more event types of wired devices: intrusion, fire alarm, medical help, panic button, gas alarm, tamper alarm, malfunction, leakage or custom.

There’s also extended resistance range of EOL resistors from 1 kOhm to 15 kOhm with a step of 100 Ohm. The use of non-standard resistance values increases the protection against sabotage.

Contact Ajax distributors in Australia to pre-order the new version of Ajax MultiTransmitter.

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