City of Rockingham Seeks CCTV Support

♦ City of Rockingham Seeks CCTV Support – City of Rockingham is seeking CCTV support for its video surveillance operations.

This tender seeks a framework agreement for the provision of CCTV support and maintenance services and the contract includes the installation, maintenance (servicing) and repair of the City’s CCTV infrastructure.

The City of Rockingham has 5 mobile CCTV units which are deployed in areas of need to assist WA Police by gathering evidence. The community can inform council of any areas they would like to be considered on the deployment schedule for the units – locations are proposed to local police and police advise council if the locations are hotspots and require CCTV coverage.

This tender closes August 24 – you can find out more here. Request for tender documents, containing full details of the work and details regarding the lodgement of tenders, will be available for collection from 10am August 1, 2022.

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