DAS Brings Milestone To Integrate & Security

♦ DAS Brings Milestone To Integrate & Security – Dicker Data DAS is looking forward to showcasing the best of Milestone Systems at the upcoming Integrate & Security Expo.

According to DAS product manager, Shane Morrisby, Milestone is a global leader in enterprise-level open platform VMS, with its XProtect being a staple in the surveillance market for its sharp focus on integration and analytics. Morrisby said he was keen for attendees to see the power of Milestone through their lines of hardware and software solutions.

“Milestone has an open platform system that can integrate with over 11,000 supported devices and have over 500,000 deployed solutions worldwide, offering the end user flexibility as well as an unmatched experience,” Morrisby said. “As a unified solution provider, and we can’t wait to showcase the best of Milestone at the Security Expo.”

Register here and visit DAS and its Milestone team at the ICC in Sydney August 17-19.

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