Alula RE508X Universal Hardwire Translator

♦ Alula RE508X Universal Hardwire Translator – Alula RE508X universal hardwire translator from SFERE is a hardened design that makes fast work of residential and commercial alarm takeovers of most panel brands.

The RE508X is universally configurable to support multiple sensor-panel combinations using only 2 SKUs. These UL-compliant translators come with power supplies and back-up batteries.

The hardwired to wireless unit is compatible with any hardwired sensors going to the various wireless panels and can support hardwire loops with end-of-line resistor detection.

There’s unique wireless ID (or loop) for each zone, as well as a unique wireless ID for the device itself. The unit features transmit (frequency) diversity, giving reliable long range.

There’s PIR power via external supply, an external 12V DC power supply included, device low battery detection, device tamper detection and a compact size of 10cm x 15 x 2.5cm.

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