Fein Cordless MultiMaster 700

♦ Fein Cordless MultiMaster 700 Oscillating Multi-Tool features StarlockPlus tool mount, giving installers access to over 180 FEIN tool accessories for jobs like sawing, sanding, cutting, filing, scraping, cleaning and polishing.

The Fein AMM 700 features an 18V brushless motor with and anti-vibration system, QuickIN FEIN rapid clamping, tacho generator giving constant speeds under load and variable electronic speed control.

There’s a metal gearbox, giving the ability to withstand high loading and long service life, while a mechanical interface facilitates stationary operation in the table or drill jig holder, or for securing the depth stop. There’s also a dust extractor attachment.

SafetyCell technology provides protection against overload, overheating and total discharge of Li-ion batteries via individual cell monitoring.

There’s a dust grille, battery state display, oscillation from 10,000 – 19,500rpm, amplitude of 2 x 2, 0 degrees, weight without battery is 1.1kg, peak loudness is 97dB, large diameter grip, 2 x 3.0Ah battery with rapid charger.

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