Tender Growth Highlights Resilience

♦ Tender Growth Highlights Resilience – since post-pandemic re-opening Australia has been experiencing strong growth in tenders across government and commercial sectors, a trend that highlights the resilience of the electronic security business.

For many organisations, pandemic highlighted the importance of a robust and integrated security function, delivering automation, as well as remote management and control. As we emerge, the flow of tenders for security projects continues to be higher than SEN has ever observed, and cuts across all verticals.

“There’s a confluence of technology, not only in the electronic security sector, but in networking, data centres and communications, that empowers the latest systems in ways we’ve not seen before,” explained SEN editor, John Adams.

“From the point of view of integrators, the sorts of tenders being released and the types of integrations we’re seeing, suggest the market is in a purple patch in 2022, and this positive trend is likely to continue as users look to make their operations more secure, more resilient and more cost-effective.”

According to Adams, key areas of growth are emerging in the push to renewables and big infrastructure, but the real strength of the current market seems to be in brownfield system upgrades and lateral integration, including analytics.

“Despite the headwinds facing the global economy, electronic security tenders running hot tells us over the course of pandemic that security solutions have moved from grudge purchase to operational imperative,” he said.

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