CQU Seeks CCTV Upgrade

♦ CQU Seeks CCTV Upgrade – Central Queensland University is seeking a video surveillance upgrade at multiple sites – note there’s a mandatory site visit this Friday, October 7 and you need to book for it by Thursday arvo.

CQU is replacing several older CCTV cameras and servers before the end of 2022. All CCTV works are to be in accordance with the standards and equipment stipulated in the files Appendix D CQ University security and CCTV specification standards V2.8.

For details information on the specific services sought under this tender, please review the specification documents in section 3, and via the link here.

More specifically please review the procurement invitation form in schedule 4 – scope of requirements and specifications pages 8 to 11 of 12.

A mandatory site visit will be held this Friday October 7 at 11 am at CQ University Rockhampton North campus, security building 3 – you need to book your attendance by Thursday October 6 at 4pm via dfmcentral@cqu.edu.au.

Central Queensland University is an Australian public university with 35,000 students based in central Queensland, which has 2 campuses in the Rockhampton region: Rockhampton, City (formerly CQ TAFE) and Rockhampton, North. CQU also has campuses in Adelaide, Brisbane, Bundaberg, Emerald, Gladstone, Mackay, Melbourne, Noosa, Sydney, Cairns and Townsville.

This tender closes on October 21 – you can find out more here.

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