MCS Supplying Speed Detection Trailers

♦ MCS Supplying Speed Detection Trailers – MCS has won a contract to supply 8 new speed detection trailers for Sensys Gatso in Tasmania.

The mobile, automated enforcement cameras are part of $9 million spend by the Tasmanian government to lower the state’s speed-related traffic accidents with the contract for supplying the units won by Sensys Gatso Australia.

Sensys Gatso Australia undertook 3 months testing as part of the process of ensuring the solutions met requirements, which include self-sufficiency in power, comms and rugged design. MCS was awarded a contract to supply the mobile trailers.

According to Mark Swan of MCS, the team had to radically change its basic trailer design to accommodate the highly specialised camera systems, as well as fortifying trailers against potential vandalism.

“The fact we are 100 per cent Australian-made makes a huge difference when it comes to customisation,” Swan said. “We are not bringing in pre-built trailers from overseas – this means we can custom-design solutions from the ground up to meet client requirements.

“Trying to retrofit a basic trailer system with highly specialised and expensive equipment, including cameras and flash units that must be set at certain angles, heights and alignments, all while operating through custom glass housings 24 hours a day, is next to impossible,” Swan said.

“In our experience, complex mobile surveillance solutions for challenging applications demand engineered solutions.”

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